Good English makes a difference to your business

Whether you’re a shoe company or a Mexican restaurant, a bank or a coffee shop, many of your customers will speak English. Mitsakes* in your website, menu or catalogue can be embarrassing and lose you business – this is where I can help.

I will correct any English text so that your website, report or menu looks shiny and new. I specialise in correcting websites and promotional materials (flyers, adverts etc) but can proofread pretty much anything you think might need a little help.

  • Leaflets, brochures and advertising materials
  • Restaurant menus
  • Company magazines and newsletters
  • Corporate documents, letters
  • Reports and business statements

My services range from copy editing (when your work just needs a little polish) to proofreading (checking grammar, style, sentence structure and more), and my prices are very reasonable.

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*yes, that one was deliberate.