Unlike many copy editors, I charge by how much time it takes me to do your job, not by the word, which means you get a fair price for your work. Copy editors who charge by the word are making you pay for every single word on a page, even if they change nothing; I charge only for the time it takes me to correct what is needed.

What do you get?

You’ll get an edited Microsoft Word file (or .pdf if needed) returned in your mail with changes clearly marked using the Review Mode in Word. I always give general advice on what mistakes you made and how to avoid them next time; you can also choose to have notes on each type of correction and why it was changed, though obviously this takes more time and will cost a little more.

Is it quick?

In a word, yes. I’ll work to get your text back to you as quickly as possible in case of deadlines; if you need the text to be returned very quickly – say, within 24 hours – I’ll charge a little extra as I have to delay other jobs, but this can be discussed by email.

So, how much?

Because I charge by the time it takes me to do a job, I need to see a sample of your work before I can give you estimate of how long it will take me, and how much it will cost. Rest assured, my rates are very reasonable and I’m meticulously honest about about the time I spend editing a document.

I also offer a 10% discount for larger jobs (more than 50 000 words).

How do you pay?

Payment is either through Paypal or account transfer to British or Spanish bank; I’ll send you an invoice with the finished project.

You can contact me by email on the address below. If you’d like to talk about a project by Skype, send me an email and I’ll pass you my details.

email 650