“Proof Red allowed us to accelerate deployment of a number of projects on time and on budget. Andy was professional, highly communicative and we will continue to use his services in the future.”

– Robert Brennan, Marketing Communications Manager for the Americas, Microchip Technology Inc.

Who am I?


My name is Andy and I’m a proofreader, English teacher and writer from the South-West of England. I’ve been correcting written English (and teaching it) for about 10 years now, and the one thing I’m sure of is that English is not an easy language. Not to learn, not to speak, and certainly not to write in. That’s why I offer various services to help businesses, students and writers improve the English they write. Why should you use me? Well, I can think of a few good reasons:

  1. I’m professional. You’ll receive your work back to you on time guaranteed, or it’s free. I correct to the highest standards and am proud to say I do the best job possible with every text. With each piece I correct, I’ll write comments on how you can improve your writing next time, what errors to avoid and how.
  2. I come highly recommended. Check out the testimonials on this page to see what my customers think.
  3. I’m friendly. I’ll correct your work like many others but emails are written with a smile on my face and it shows in every bit of communication. If you live in Barcelona, I’m also happy to meet you in person to discuss your writing and how to improve it.
  4. I’m affordable. My rates are very reasonable and I give discounts for students. I’m not as cheap as those guys you’ll see on Craigslist that offer to ‘Corect your Englihs!’ for almost nothing, but I’m pretty sure you won’t find anyone with my experience who works for less.

“I was very impressed by Andy’s efficiency and professional engagement with my academic texts. He went beyond correcting the manuscript for publication, providing me with extremely useful comments and feedback that helped me to improve my writing style and make the most of proof-reading as a learning experience.”

– Dr Marta Garcia Morcillo, Senior Lecturer in Ancient History, University of Roehampton

You can get in touch with me on the email address below (if you’re not able to see this for some reason, it’s adredwood [at] gmail.com). I’m also available to Skype if you’d like to discuss a project – send me your Skype details by email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

email 650

If you’d like to discuss a project, big or small, get in touch.

Andy (:

“Andy gave a me a very personal service and I could tell that he put his heart into the project, as if it were his thesis too. I’d highly recommend him anytime and will use him again in the future.”

– Daliany Kersh, PhD student